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    What is Geofencing?

    One of the newest tools in marketing is the use of geofencing. Tulsa geofencing marketing company allows a business to…

  • Future of SEO

    SEO Evolution: How SEO has Evolved Over the Years?

    Search engine optimization is a term familiar with everyone who is trying to promote a website. The term itself is…

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    Top 10 Best Local SEO Company

    Create The Movement has been selected for PromotionWorld’s “Best Local SEO Company” listing for July 2019. It is really our…

  • 2019 Mid Year Review for Online Marketing Strategies

    Now that the mid-year point has been reached, it is time to review your online marketing strategies. You need to…

  • The Cost of Lost Business

    How is it that once-venerable brands die and go by the wayside? Think about these retail brands: Woolworth’s, Sears &…

  • 2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

    Finding Your Voice

    Once you clearly define your target audience you can get to work on your branding. The branding process involves a…

  • The Creative Frame

    You accomplish much definition by discovering what doesn’t work.  Edison comes to mind. My challenge to you is hit as…

  • Tulsa Branding

    Does Your Law Firm Need A Facelift In 2019?

    Not every brand ages gracefully.  Your logo is supposed to be your most powerful tool in communicating the value of…

  • Influence For Sale?

    Exposure I hear a lot of marketing folks selling “exposure.” You have got to have more exposure. This much exposure…

  • Credit Where It’s Due

    I must give credit where credit is due. Every human innovation has its roots in something found in nature –…