In a sentence, what do you? I design and implement the process, training and communication support needed to joyfully bring a client from the consideration stage to the valued client stage.

What fires you up? When it clicks with the client!  When the client gets to experience and really see the excellence and incredibly high quality of our services to them.  That’s the best!

What are your qualifications? Since the littlest, I have stellar communication skills with people.  I’ve managed the accounts of demanding business executives from Walt Disney Studios and I’ve brought clients on from some of the top Law Firms in the country because of their trust in me and my team.  I’ve served as both a top sales person and Director of Sales for multi-million dollar companies.  I’m also a master Salesforce CRM developer!

What is your favorite part of the work? Partnering with a new client, knowing we’re going to blow them away.

Why are you different? My focus is accomplishing a viable connection with any potential client and building that rapport to partnership.  I’ve found this ‘sales’ approach is not the norm!

What is the most pivotal thing you’ve learned in your career?  That when leading a team, every member has different strengths that, when capitalized on can bring the most success for them and the business.  Simply knowing your people can make all the difference.

Parting thoughts? Pay Attention.  Be Astonished.  Tell About It.  – Mary Oliver

I want to be the mouthpiece for announcing excellence, help, support, care and success!

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