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Pete D.

Account Manager

What do I do?
Help businesses level up, one digital strategy at a time.

What fires me up?
Techy shortcuts and innovations that make things a breeze! Oh, and faith, community, and a darn good cup of coffee.

What are my qualifications?
Ditch the cap and gown; I’ve got 15 years in the digital trenches with businesses, making online magic happen.

Why am I different?
Hand me your ‘why’, show a glint of passion, and boom! I’m your loudest cheerleader. Watch out, world!

My favorite part of the work?
First, the detective hat – uncovering your business pulse. Then, transforming you into a digital marketing devotee.

Most pivotal lesson in my career?
If your work vibe doesn’t scream “I’m having a blast!” then buddy, you might be on the wrong dance floor.

Favorite quote right now?
1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Because sometimes, ancient wisdom is the best playbook for modern hustle.

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