Stacey Post

Chief Business Officer

In a sentence, what do you? I handle the billing and administration for Create The Movement. I was very cheap labor for the first year of business and volunteered my services, mainly because my husband didn’t give me a choice Haha. Happily, I took a position as the Chief Financial Officer and love being in this role.

What fires you up? My Husband, especially since I made him write this for me. I am passionate about helping start and grow businesses. I really enjoy working with the CTM team.

What are your qualifications? I had many ventures in my past from owning vending machines to being an owner-operator of a Hair Salon. My previous employment was to lead a children’s ministry team with over 100 volunteers and reaching over 400 kids a week.

School? Some college and technical school

Why are you different? I love what I do and do what I love.

What is your favorite part of the work? Working alongside my husband.

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