Geofencing: Perfect strategy for finding and interacting with your targeted market.

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How does Geofencing Work?

When a business wants to use geofencing for ultra-targeted marketing, they need to contact a Tulsa geofencing marketing company so that a “fenced area” can be established for the company. Once the target area is selected, the geofencing marketing company will use global positioning systems (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to mark the location. Once marked, anyone that comes within those parameters can be notified through the geofencing system.

Tulsa Geofencing

How does Geofencing Increase Sales?

The first thing that our team will want to know is the objective of your marketing. Do you want to broadcast specials your business is offering? Do you want to send out reminders of your business hours and location? Are you trying to attract customers from your competition? All of these questions are important for establishing where your geofencing should be placed.

For example if you are an car accident attorney you may want to run ads in the Emergency Room at the local hospitals. Another example is, if you have a grocery store, you may want to put a geofence around your location that will remind people to stop and take advantage of any Geofencing Marketingspecials that you are having in-store at that time. You may even offer an app-only special through this marketing program that only provides that discount to those who receive the notices. This encourages more people to use your app or sign up for notifications so that they can receive the discounts. It is also a great way to remind people to stop and get their basic necessities before they get home.

You may also want to take a different approach. Some businesses may want to encourage people to stop using a different service and start using their service. With that in mind, a geofence can be placed around your competitor so that when potential clients are in that area, they can be notified of your business and any specials that you may offer.

Geofencing can also be very helpful in tracking your customers and what they respond to best. The GPS can track the place and times that the customers receive the message, and you can track the accompanying sales that coincide with the messages. This will help you fine-tune your marketing and help you improve your marketing.


For the most successful geofencing, your Tulsa geofencing marketing company must be able to create a marketing plan that not only can target mobile phones but can also reach laptops and tablet devices. Stationary signals are just as important as mobile ones, and in some cases even more important. For a geofencing campaign to work effectively, it must be able to interact with the end-user.

Many people, for instance, may want to search for a new car at home. Browsing on the Internet provides them with little distraction from sales reps so that they can study the vehicles that they are interested in before going to the car lot. Say your business offers car insurance policies. You could geofence Tulsa Geofencing Marketing Companya neighborhood area so that when anyone searches for local car lots your message about your insurance products is transmitted to them.

To be successful with geofencing, you must be able to really define who your target market is and the best way to reach them. Targeting may take a little time to find the right area, but when accomplished, the success rate of your marketing campaign will significantly increase.

Another example may be a mall setting. If you have a mall location, it would be more in your best marketing interest to target mobile devices. People will be walking through the mall and will have their phones handy where they can quickly check any notifications that they receive. Advertising specials in your store to people who are already in the mall will drive people to your storefront.

Ultra-Targeted Marketing Is The Future Of Marketing

People can become “numb” to advertising. When advertising becomes so prevalent in all areas of life, it starts to become overlooked and ignored. Businesses must target the customers they are most likely going to generate sales from their efforts.


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