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Let’s face it, the YellowPages is dead and Google killed it. In the good old days, lawyers could just buy a full page ad in the phone book and call it a day. This strategy won’t cut it anymore.

If your new clients can’t find you online, they will find your competitors and hire them. This is why you need an effective Law firm Web Design and website marketing for you that will be credible and findable.

To be successful, you need to have a proactive, creative, and professional Attorney Website Design that will capture the specific new clients you are looking for in your dedicated practice areas through digital marketing of law firms.

A recent study found the 78 of the top 100 most expensive keywords are legal keywords. That means the legal field is the most competitive SEO realm in the world.

At Create The Movement, an experienced lawyer marketing & website design company, we are not interested in just giving you another template website. We think you deserve better.

We constantly set ourselves apart from those other companies with our customer service, innovative websites and internet marketing strategy.

Once you become a Create The Movement customer we establish a long-term relationship with your law firm as your law firm website designer and have reporting and a personal touch your law firm needs.

We believe in ensuring that you feel comfortable with the entire process of your Law firm site design, lawyer marketing and continued search engine optimization results. We are transparent with your results and reporting.

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Being found online is only half the battle. We create a customs attorney website designs that will actually engage the potential clients, hold their attention and inspire confidence in your firm. Our content writing and attorney marketing team is able to create original content that keeps your visitors reading. We write content that is interesting to the reader and unavoidable to the search engines.

These five mistakes are the most common. Which are you guilty of committing?

1)Long-term contracts

It is understandable that attorneys would be sympathetic to a retainer. That’s one of the best ways for you to do business, so you don’t think twice about your web company asking you to sign a service contract for a year or more. Maybe it’s time for that second thought. The longer the contract, the easier it is for the other company to grow complacent in their service to you.

Create The Movement offers our lawyer clients cancellation at any time with just a 30-day notice. We’ll put together a long-term plan, but we don’t feel we need to lock you in with a buyout clause to make sure you stay with us. Our service to you is the only safeguard we need.

2) Believing a company’s size is an asset.

Large companies have resources that small companies don’t have. They also have liabilities that small companies don’t have. There is nothing wrong with doing business with a large company, but size is not always an indicator of value.

Create The Movement believes in making each client feel as if they are our only client. We are growing all the time, and we may be the biggest some day. However, we focus on our clients and their needs, not on our size.

3) No knowledge of SEO

How you create and maintain your website affects how people who are searching for a law firm find you. Without a plan for ongoing law firm markting and search engine optimization, they’ll find your competitors first instead of you.

Create The Movement puts SEO at the heart of everything we do for you online. We want to make sure that people looking online for an attorney in your state find you. If your site is awesome to behold but no one finds you, you’re sunk. We’ll give you both.

4) Paying for little more than hosting

Most service contracts provide little more than hosting your site on their servers. Sure, they’ll make changes to add a testimonial from a valued client or to announce a new partner, but that’s basically low-cost data entry.

When you choose to Create The Movement, you’re entering a relationship with a team that wants to teach you how you can increase your visibility, your client base, and your annual income without breaking the bank.

5) Paying too much

Building and maintaining an online presence is a black box for many professionals. Your expertise is in the application of the law and human nature, not how websites work. Web designers know they can charge whatever they want when you can’t see into the box, and they charge way too much for too little service.

Create The Movement structures our project costs and monthly fees in a way that strikes the balance between ensuring our company will be there to serve you for the rest of your career and offering you a fair price for good service. If it’s been more than a year since you looked at what you’re paying, it’s time to visit it again.

If you want to succeed online as a successful law practice contact us today to get started on your new attorney website design and lawyer website marketing for attorneys.

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