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Keyword Researchis Key

One of the most important things business owners need to do to increase their targeted traffic is to do keyword research. Without proper research on your keywords, it’s hard to see what the popular searches are regarding your products and services. Educated keyword research is one of the most critical factors in online success.

How to Do Effective Keyword Research recommends starting by thinking like the buyer. Ask yourself if the keyword is relevant to the buyer regarding the products you want to sell. Thinking like the buyer requires you to go through the motions and activities that a potential buyer would do. For example, don’t just look up the search term in the Google keyword planner tool. That’s important. But more importantly, actually type in the keywords you are testing in the search engine yourself to see the results you get.

Using Applied Psychology

When you think about it, learning to think like the buyer just requires pretending that you are searching for the products you are selling. Then consider how you would search for them yourself. One mistake online site owners often make is that they just use a few keyword combinations. Instead of using only one keyword, use both long and short-tailed variations of the same word. For example, if you were searching for stereo headphones, you might want to consider the following keywords.

  • Stereo headphones
  • Stereo headsets
  • Earphones for iPods
  • Stereo listening for mobile devices

Keep in mind this is not an extensive list, but it includes some of the most common ways that people might search for a product that they want. To delve even more profoundly into the process, if you are a seller of Dr. Dre headsets, for example, you will also want to add another keyword, “Dr. Dre headphones” or “headphones by Dr. Dre for iPod” if you are trying to target iPod owners.

There are many different ways in which you can target your crucial audience by getting in the mind of those you are trying to target and focusing on how they would search.

Using the Keyword Planner Tool

It’s a good idea to use the keyword planner tool when doing your search research. But you will then want to take what you learned, look at the most popular search terms, but also find some lower competition words to use.

Why use lower competition words?

By using some lower competition words, you will cut out some of your major competition from sellers and businesses who have illimitable funds to spend on pay-per-click campaigns. If you only target the most popular keywords, you are missing out on the audience you can get from the words with less competition. Smaller businesses can save money on advertising by choosing some effective but lower competition words that will drive some of the searchers to your page first.

The Science of SEO

SEO involves a variety of skills to achieve. But basically, eCommerce owners should focus on valuable keywords that target the audience they need without overspending on ads. To get the higher ROI or ‘bang for your buck,’ look for buyer’s keywords that are less competitive, thereby cutting down on your competition.

It takes practice to create effective SEO campaigns. But over time, you’ll figure it out whether you are using paid ads or natural search engine optimization. Remember search engine optimization takes longer to build up, but it lasts much longer also. Don’t forget to use buyer’s keywords to increase your results.

Do both paid and organic marketing for the most significant impact.

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