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Tulsa Live Chat Marketing

Online advertising can get expensive especially if you do not have specific goals or strategy.  The cost and completion of bring in new clients can be significant and are on the rise.  A lot of chat services provide a service that does not really tailor to your business.  The live chat we use comes up on our system the information about your business and is accessible to the chat member so that we can really tailor more to your business.

This allows us to answer basic questions such as what type of a law firm are you or where are you located etc.  This personal touch makes us stand out from the competition and our pricing is much more reasonable for each qualified lead we send.  You don’t pay for bogus leads each lead has to be qualified.

Using our live chat services our goal is to convert visitors to your website into potential new clients.  We want to help improve the conversion of valuable visitors into business.

Live Chat is a technology that enables website visitors to start an Instant Message Text Chat with a live chat agent during his/her stay on your business’ website.   Many consumers do online shopping from work or where they are not close to a telephone and can engage in a conversation online. Live Chat is an ideal way for them to initiate contact with the business. Find out more.

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