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Organic Rankings: At The Heart Of Customer Acquisition

For independent website business owners online, the key to creating and maintaining success is to find a way to acquire new customers. Just like in the real world, customer acquisition is essential to maintaining your success. Without new clients, you will not be able to grow your business to the point of where you need to be. You depend on both current and future customers to expand your brand’s potential.

The Virtual Handshake

In the real world, you do this by putting an “open” sign on your door and invite people in with a handshake and a smile. Online, you must build your credibility through other ways. One way is to create social proof through social media and client testimonials. The more you can get customers to share on social media and promote your brand, the more success you will have with your brand and your products.

To create relationships like this with online customers, you have to make connections with customers through your online assets. You do this by creating great content that appeals to them, making the user experience easy and enjoyable, and creating organic rankings through SEO and SEM.

What is organic search ranking?

Organic search ranking is the ranking that you achieve through continual search engine optimization. Using valuable keywords that appeal to both people and search engines is one of the best things you can do to improve your standing in the searches. It helps to study the trends on popular keywords to see how people are searching for your products and the things that you offer through your brand. If you do this well, you will successfully match up the customer needs with your products and that should result in improved ROI and customer acquisition.

How to Get Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is created from great content that appeals to people while keeping the searches in mind when you work on your keywords and links as well as the content within your websites, blogs, and other digital assets. Don’t forget that you should work on marketing every page, every channel, and digital asset such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and blogs, not just your primary web page. It’s all important to remember that Google ranks every page of your website, not just the main page.

Organic results are achieved only through a continual and systematic application of natural search principles from the front end that you implement through sound and ethical principles. Using “black hat” techniques or unscrupulous methods will only lead to failure in the end. So stick to being honest and transparent. It will pay off and get you customers that are loyal to your brand and who will want to share your brand with others.

If you’re still confused on where to start with organic rankings, remember we can help. It’s too important to ignore. So contact us if we can help you reach your goals with your organic traffic. Creating natural traffic is what is most important. It’s more than a way to market. It’s your virtual handshake to the world.

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