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Most businesses never consider podcasting as a viable marketing solution. Podcasting is thought to be reserved only for sports jocks, mega church pastors and underground radio shows. This notion can’t be further from the truth. Podcasting is a cost effective way to establish yourself as an industry expert, because all you have to do is talk.

Every business owner is passionate about what they do and it’s easy to get passionate people to talk about what they’re passionate about.

First we pick a strategic keyword to center the conversation on, and then we let you loose. It’s as simple as having a conversation. You talk about the topic, we ask some questions and you come out sounding like a guru.

After we finish recording we send the audio file off to be cut and mastered to make sure you sound like Ira Glass. Next we transcribe the audio into written content so your website gets the benefit of 1,000+ word blog post. This is kind of thing search engines dream of. An audio file and a huge block of content all pointing to the same keyword, you can’t get any better.

Finally, we distribute the podcast to iTunes, Stitcher and other audio hosting platforms. Using a large distribution system shows the search engines that this podcast has to be hot stuff.

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