Matt McCoy

Content Marketing Specialist

In a sentence, what do you? I develop and maintain online advertising campaigns, including pay-per-click campaigns, for our clients on Google AdWords, BING, Facebook and other social media platforms. An integral part of this consists of conducting keyword research and analysis and ensuring a selection of keywords and advertising content relevant to a client’s business and specific pay-per-click campaigns.

Additionally, I am a skilled marketing content writer, with experience in writing content with an emphasis on the law and the legal industry.

What fires you up? Initiating, developing, and completing a new advertising campaign with the assistance of our superlative Create the Movement online marketing team! Oklahoma State football!

School? BS in cell and molecular biology from Oklahoma State University, and a JD from Southern Methodist Law School.

What is your favorite part of the work? Experiencing an ever-changing work routine. Working with my exuberant co-workers who provide a prodigious array of knowledge and experience from many varied fields.

Why are you different? I am an unconventional thinker with a strong inclination to help people.

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