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Create The Movement Logo

Fully EngagedLogo Design

Logo design is a critical step in building a sustainable brand identity. Your logo can be a powerful tool to winning the battle for a market position that rages in the minds of people.

Logo Creation process:

  1. Discover the message
  2. Discover metaphor
  3. Refine metaphor
  4. Adapt or create typeface
  5. Simplify and ship

The starting point of logo design is discovery. Before we touch a keyboard or even touch a pencil, we break out the questions. After we open the floor with leading questions, we follow the meaningful trails that open up. It’s a lot like archaeology because we sorting through a whole lot of stuff before we discover anything of value. We are looking for the DNA of your brand.

Once we have the right information, we put all of that into the hopper to pull your unique message. Once we have a good idea of your core message, a full understanding of your unique position in the market, and what the most important thing to communicate is, we have a basis of going to the drawing board.

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