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Scuba Steve

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Scuba Steve Story

On a vacation with my wife, the kids and I were hanging out at the pool. The hotel we stayed in had 2 areas and they were both indoor/outdoor water parks within the hotel. We were all swimming when we noticed something kind of strange. A young man walked by in a full blown scuba suit. He had the snorkel, goggles, suit and flippers.

Now the kids who were of course, curious did not want to let that rest asked,

“Dad why does that guy have on a scuba suit?”

My first reaction was,

“Oh kids he is just trying to get attention.”

While he walked you could even see parents walk by him while at the same time gathering their kids close and trying to not make eye contact with him. So we forgot about it and ended up going to the other water park in the other area of the hotel. There he was again, walking around with his flippers, goggles pulled down and still breathing through his snorkel. He even walked up the steps backwards to get to ride the water slide in the indoor water park.

Well some time goes by and my wife and I are hanging out with our youngest son in the little kids pool area.

We could not find the 2 other bigger kids, so Stacey went to look for them and came back and said,

“You won’t believe where they are?”

I asked,


She went on to tell me they are over there talking with Scuba Steve (the nickname we gave him) and he somehow knows a lot about fish eggs and are telling the kids about them.

So I suggest we get a picture with him, you know for a memento.

I go up and ask him,

“Hey our kids want to get a picture with you.”

He agrees and lets me know what his real name is.

We take the picture and then he asks us,

“Are you having a good time?”

I go on to tell him,

“we sure are, and how about you?”

Kind of sarcastically but seriously wondering at the same time.

He says to me,

“I am doing great; this is actually my first day working here at the hotel. I think some parents just think I am some weird guy walking around in a scuba suit.”

I say,

“What are you kidding, why would they think that, of course you are just working.”

My wife and I just crack up the entire way back to our room.

Bottom line is, you never want to prejudge someone or something without all the facts. We can’t prejudge people if they don’t look like us, smell like us, or even dress like us.

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