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We strongly believe in a slow and steady approach to SEO, but sometimes you need to be in the number one spot right now. We can make it happen with our carefully crafted three-step process. Using pay-per-click ads, your website will skyrocket to the top of any search result.

1) Find the right keywords

Trying to find the right keywords is like looking for a new pair of jeans. They need to fit right, be affordable and hopefully come with Brett Favre’s personal endorsement. When developing a keyword strategy we steer clear of generic, high competition keywords. Instead we aim for specific, low competition keywords.

Dominating the right combination of specific, low competition keywords will always be more powerful and cost effective than throwing money at generic, high competition keywords.


2) Pay-per-click and display ads

Once we’ve identified the right keywords for you, we put them to work. Using a tried and true method we identify the lowest cost search engine spots to place your ad. This saves you money and gives your website more traffic than downtown LA during rush hour.


3) Retargeting

Let’s say a user comes to your website and for some reason doesn’t engage in your services. Well just like Liam Neeson, we have a very particular set of skills. We will look for them, we will find them, and we will redirect them to your website.

Using retargeting we track everyone’s IP address that visits your website, it sounds really creepy but we promise it’s totally legal. After we track them down we place display ads for your website on other websites they visit. Sometimes we can even place these ads on your competition’s website, making their money work for you.

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