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How to Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media strategy on facebook

What is the best way to ensure that your digital marketing strategy always produces a positive return on your investment? The answer is obvious when you think about it — you should concentrate your efforts on the channels with the most users who are likely to engage with your marketing and become your customers. Social media marketing is important because social media users engage with the content that they view.

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Google is an excellent advertising platform. Google processes an estimated 40,000 searches per second — and they show advertisements on most of their results pages. People don’t really engage with Google, though. They use Google as a jumping-off point to go elsewhere online. In fact, many of those thousands of users per second are probably looking for the address of Facebook!

The New Age of Facebook Advertising

People often engage with content on Facebook for hours at a time — and an engaged audience is one that you want to reach. That’s why social media marketing is so vital. In late 2016, advertising within the Facebook Messenger application became available for the first time. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, this new feature has the potential to allow you to reach customers on social media as if you were their friend — and the results can be dramatic.

How Facebook Messenger Advertising Works

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s built-in chat application. Customers commonly use Facebook Messenger to contact companies with questions. If your business already has a presence on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve used the Messenger application before. You can leverage Messenger for Facebook advertising in two ways:

  • Advertise in users’ news feeds, inviting them to start a conversation with your company on Messenger
  • Advertise directly in Messenger to users who have had conversations with your company in the past

To get the best results from Facebook Messenger advertising, you should use both of the marketing methods described above. Advertise in news feeds to encourage Facebook users to ask questions and learn more about your business. Once you’ve established a dialog, you can advertise within Messenger to encourage users to visit your website and buy.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Messenger advertising is still quite new. As time goes by and people see more and more advertisements in Messenger, they may eventually become blind to this form of marketing. At that time, click rates may decrease. For now, though, advertising in Messenger has a sense of novelty — and click rates are very high. This is the best possible time to capitalize on Facebook’s latest marketing initiative.

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