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Category: Advertising

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - JUNE 24, 2017: A man hand holding iphone with new logo of instagram application. Instagram is largest and most popular photograph social networking.

Instagram Marketing Made Easy

With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses and individuals alike. But with such a large and competitive pool of …

A/B Testing - Two direction arrows

Why is A/B testing so important?

When it comes to their marketing efforts, most people just set up their sales page and start promoting it. They don’t take any time to …

Avoiding penalties from google mobile

Avoiding Penalties From Google’s Mobile Interstitial Update

The experience of browsing the web on a mobile device is better today than ever before. Mobile phones have very small screens, though, and anything …

Link building strategies

Ep. 40 ROI Link Building Strategy for Attorneys

Transcription: KEY: ($) = client’s website, (1,2,3) = backlink websites The way that digital marketers generally sell linking campaigns is to find websites (1,2,3,…) with a …

Image from an IOS

Ep. 39 The Philosophy Tree With Johnny Price

1. Background Brad Post, Create the Movement, host: We’re sitting with Johnny Price. How are you Johnny? Johnny Price, The Philosophy Tree, guest: Good, buddy. …

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