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Take Back the Moral High Ground!

“Shyster” “Ambulance chaser” “Sleazebag” “Liar” Ask most adults who these words describe, and what will they say? Lawyers. Not even the more respectful term “attorney”. ...

Developing Content For Your Attorney Website

With online content, it is often said that content is king and there are many variations for who is the queen.  Distribution is queen, analytics ...
2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

2018 Law Firm Web Marketing Plan

In the past, a law firm could rely on television advertising, billboards, and word-of-mouth referrals to generate business. And while these options are all still ...

The Trials of Attorney Web Design

Here at Create the Movement we’ve probably created more attorney websites than any other Tulsa web design firm. It’s no easy task to create a ...

What Good Are Attorneys?

Although the title sounds like the beginning of yet another joke at lawyers’ expense, we at Create The Movement believe it has a serious answer: ...
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Plan, Plan and Then Plan Some More

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This proverb is often attributed to either Benjamin Franklin, Alan Lakein, Churchill, or some other famous historical figure. ...

Only singing one note

Okay, we get it. Teachers teach. Preachers preach, and lawyers practice law. So why talk about anything else? Why even think about anything else? Kids ...
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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing 7 – Expecting the Website to Do All the Work

As an attorney marketing your services in today’s world, your website is your star witness. You want to make sure it is properly prepped, well ...

Common Problems in Attorney Marketing 6 – It’s All About Me!

This one almost speaks for itself. You probably can see where we’re going, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid going there. Large firms, don’t ...

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