Attorney Marketing

Attorney Marketing – Designing, advertising and overall SEO of your law firm website.

  • Take Back the Moral High Ground!

    “Shyster” “Ambulance chaser” “Sleazebag” “Liar” Ask most adults who these words describe, and what will they say? Lawyers. Not even…

  • Content

    Developing Content For Your Attorney Website

    With online content, it is often said that content is king and there are many variations for who is the…

  • 2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

    2018 Law Firm Web Marketing Plan

    In the past, a law firm could rely on television advertising, billboards, and word-of-mouth referrals to generate business. And while…

  • The Trials of Attorney Web Design

    Here at Create the Movement we’ve probably created more attorney websites than any other Tulsa web design firm. It’s no…

  • What Good Are Attorneys?

    Although the title sounds like the beginning of yet another joke at lawyers’ expense, we at Create The Movement believe…

  • Ep 24. Linked In Marketing For Lawyers

    Linked In Marketing For Lawyers Brad Post Create the Movement: The way that we do business is, you know, we…

  • Plan, Plan and Then Plan Some More

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. This proverb is often attributed to either Benjamin Franklin, Alan Lakein, Churchill, or…

  • Only singing one note

    Okay, we get it. Teachers teach. Preachers preach, and lawyers practice law. So why talk about anything else? Why even…

  • Tulsa Logo Design Company

    Common Problems in Attorney Marketing 7 – Expecting the Website to Do All the Work

    As an attorney marketing your services in today’s world, your website is your star witness. You want to make sure…

  • Common Problems in Attorney Marketing 6 – It’s All About Me!

    This one almost speaks for itself. You probably can see where we’re going, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid…