Client Relationships

  • Ep. 13 Presenting To The Client

    Create The Movement Podcast Episode #13   Liz Montgomery, Create the Movement: Welcome back to the Create the Movement podcast…

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    Forgive Those Who Offend You

    In normal business, it’s kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Get yours or get taken. Offending others is…

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    Put Suspects First

    Suspects are people you aren’t actively talking to about your business but you’d like to be. They can be anyone…

  • Put Prospects First

    Prospects are people you are talking to about your product or service who haven’t decided to go with you yet.…

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    Put Customers First

    What do your current customers want? Better question: When was the last time you talked to them? If you don’t…

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    The 5 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes Most Attorneys Make

    Before you go into the courtroom, sit down for a deposition or even make a phone call, you make sure…

  • Sit in Your Client’s Seat

    Client Relationships Professionals by definition have specialized knowledge refined by training and experience. There are things you talk about every…