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Prospects are people you are talking to about your product or service who haven’t decided to go with you yet. How do you put prospects first?

Again, it is about asking and listening. You will need to tell your prospects things about what you do, of course. But try to make a game out of finding out more about them than they find out about you. Until you get good at it, keep a notepad and make two columns. In one, tally how many things you tell them about you. In the other, tally how many things you ask about them. Your goal is to have twice as many things about them when you get off the call.

Don’t make it just about closing the sale, either. Ask about their family, where they like to go on vacation, what they like about where they live. You will make them feel like a person and not just a prospect, and you’ll be more likely to win their business.

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