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What do your current customers want? Better question: When was the last time you talked to them?

If you don’t have a regular plan for contacting your customers, make one. Even if you have thousands of customers in your database, you ought to contact them at least once per year to find out how you’re doing with them.

Often your customers are the best place to find new products or services to sell. If you sell widgets, they might need widgets to go with them. Can you make widgets easily enough? Then make them! You already have people who will buy them from you.

Customers will also tell you what your competition is doing. You usually don’t even have to ask. They’ll tell you. Listen and then ask them if they like that idea or not. Don’t assume you have to keep up with the Joneses. Your customers may prefer your ways.

Think of simple, small ways to put your customers first and let them know you see them that way. Your customer loyalty will improve dramatically.

We’re happy to put ourselves in the place of your customers for a dry run. Give us a call!

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