• Ep 59 Business Growth with Taylor Toce

    Ep 59 Business Growth with Taylor Toce

    Ep 59 Taylor Toce – Velo IT Group Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Taylor Toce, Velo IT Group, guest Brad…

  • Dominick and Brad

    Ep. 50 Create The Movement Year In Review

    Ep. 50 CTM in Review with Dominick Montgomery and Brad Post Brad Post, Create the Movement Dominick Montgomery, Create the…

  • Ep. 29 Straight Up Entrepreneurs With Aaron Janx

      Brad Post, Create the Movement, Host Aaron Janx, Straight Up Entrepreneurs Facebook Group Brad Post, Create the Movement, Host:…

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    Ep. 18 Interview With Jim Stovall

    Interview With Jim Stovall   Quick Links: Jim Stovall The Ultimate Legacy The Ultimate Gift One Season of Hope Brad…

  • roadside

    Lose to Win

    This is another great counter intuitive proposition. It’s so counter intuitive that we might lose some of you here. So…

  • busy city and the sunset

    Give to Get

    You should know something about us up front: We love counterintuitive truth. When we’re putting our heads together for our…

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    What Is Truth?

    This question could be the mantra of our postmodern age, but the first record of a person asking it was…

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    What do you mean “Create the Movement”?

    What do Jesus of Nazareth, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela have in common? What makes them better…

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    Feed Your Mind

    Managing to squeeze a 4-year degree into 14 years was not easy. Due to having kids at a young age…

  • a man at a beach

    10001 Words

    So my 16-year-old daughter came to me a few weeks back and said, she felt led to inspire teens.  I…