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You should know something about us up front: We love counterintuitive truth. When we’re putting our heads together for our own business, we’re always looking for the things that others are missing because they look paradoxical or even downright false on the surface. “Give to Get” is one of the best of these.

If you are a student of Jeffrey Gitomer, you’ve heard this a thousand times or more. It’s one of the root principles of his teaching for salespeople and businesses. If you want to get something of value–your customers’ loyalty–you have to give something of value.

That’s what we’re doing with this blog. You can learn things to improve your business just by reading this blog and never calling us. There are some of you who have never heard of Jeffrey Gitomer, and you’re planning to do a google search for him as soon as you finish reading this, if you haven’t done so already. In fact, we’ll save you the trouble. His website is

Why did we do that? Why did we run the risk of losing your contact by telling you another person’s business to go to? For that matter, why do we give away so much information in this blog? We’re basically setting a plate of cookies on the windowsill unguarded, aren’t we?

Yes we are. And the reason why is pretty simple: We know that what we know is of such great value that we can afford to give some of it away. If you can take what you learn from us and improve your business, how much more could you gain by hiring us?

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