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What Is Truth?

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This question could be the mantra of our postmodern age, but the first record of a person asking it was over 2000 years ago. Pontius Pilate asked this of Jesus of Nazereth when he was taking his measure of the man, trying to determine if he was guilty of something. It was the last thing he said before declaring that Jesus was not guilty of breaking any Roman law. According to the Bible, the question was never answered, and many today might say it still has not been.

Let’s not be so hasty to throw our hats in with them, however. We are here to help businesses, not philosophers, create movements. Anyone who has been successful in business knows that there are economic truths that are always true. The simplest of them is supply and demand. If you have a tight supply of something a lot of people want, you can charge a higher price. It doesn’t matter what the “something” is, who the people are, or what currency you’re using. This is always, always true.

As men and women in business, this kind of universal truth excites us and gives us the passion and drive we need to make our businesses grow. We can get a group of us together over a cup of coffee and talk about this all night. But we can’t turn our own businesses into a movement with the profit motive. Our customers need to know what’s in it for them. They aren’t interested in our profits, are they?

The questions of the day, then, are: What excites our customers? What gives them passion? What are the universal truths behind this? What difference can we make with the answers to these questions?

At Create the Movement, we want to help businesses succeed, and we know how to help you think through these questions and come up with the best answers. We know how you can use these answers to position yourselves at the front of the movement your customers are already predisposed to join. Call us today and let’s start with that cup of coffee.

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