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Tulsa Geofencing Marketing Company

What is Geofencing?

One of the newest tools in marketing is the use of geofencing.Tulsa geofencing marketing company allows a business to target a specific location and “target” ...
2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

Finding Your Voice

Once you clearly define your target audience you can get to work on your branding. The branding process involves a lot of different facets like ...
Tulsa Branding

Brand Development: The Most Important Piece

To say that your brand is the most important part of your organization is a true statement. That makes sense when you understand what your ...
3 engagement tips to convert visitors into customers

3 Engagement Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Your digital marketing is bringing plenty of people to your website, but are you converting site traffic into leads? To convert visitors into customers you ...
A/B Testing - Two direction arrows

Google is now Requiring an SSL Certificate. Your Rankings May Be In trouble

Website security has become a hot topic due to the publicity of repeated cyber attacks on many websites. With that in mind, it’s not surprising ...
Laptop, Iphone , plant and a cup on the table

Jumpstarting Your SEO With Adwords

What if I told you that you could use paid traffic such as Google Adwords to assess whether any SEO campaign would be worth pursuing? ...
bridge as a background

Require Transparency

What’s the difference between a retail storefront and the outside of a bank? Retail storefronts are made of glass, and all their best wares are ...
crowd background

Activating Movement in Your Company

How do you create a movement? It’s not advertising. Nothing kills a bad product quicker than good advertising. Creating a movement is an inside-out proposition. ...

Business Positioning Engagement

If you truly want to Create A Movement in your business you need to discuss with us our Business Positioning Engagement Here are the main ...

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