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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 4

The 5 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes Most Attorneys Make

Before you go into the courtroom, sit down for a deposition or even make a phone call, you make sure you have your bases covered. …

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How Do You Create a Movement?

Those who have created lasting movements have built certain qualities into them. We’ve identified six such qualities that we will investigate. This list is by …

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4 Ways Movement Can Help Your Company

Here are four ways Movement Marketing affects your organization’s bottom line: We position your brand to be found where your ideal customers are looking. We frame …


Your Story Vs. Marketing Ad

At The Movement when we look at working specific projects we believe your story is powerful, especially when they are personal.  Your story can help …

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Brown Cow Theory

Working with our team this week, I was recently reminded of an old story I used to tell the sales teams I trained and worked …

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The power of an idea

The fulcrum and the lever Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move …

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