• Leadership with David Groves

    Ep 58 Leadership with David Groves

    Ep 58 Leadership with David Groves Brad Post, Create the Movement, host David Groves, GEB America, guest Brad Post, Create…

  • Working environment

    Busy Bees Make Sour Honey

      Being busy is one of my favorite complaints to make. If you ask me how things are going, 9…

  • crowd background

    What do you mean “Create the Movement”?

    What do Jesus of Nazareth, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela have in common? What makes them better…

  • Sit in Your Client’s Seat

    Client Relationships Professionals by definition have specialized knowledge refined by training and experience. There are things you talk about every…

  • a girl looking at a sunset

    What’s In Your Hand?

    What is that in your hand? A lot of the time in business and life we wonder where our gifting…

  • girl in the background

    Start with Why

    I have been reading this great book by Simon Sinek called, “Start With Why.”   People don’t buy WHAT you…

  • business man

    100 Life Goals

    I am excited to participate in 100 Life Goals which is a free online event taking place on January 1st,…

  • background

    Creating a Life-Giving Work Culture

    A great work culture can be the difference between good success and failure for any business. It’s how you attract…

  • team discussing

    Meet the Team

    We are so excited about the growth of the company and are so honored and humbled to work with an…

  • a girl walking

    Passion Will Always Start With a Purpose

    You can’t ever have passion without a purpose. There is an unverified story about an unannounced visit from President John…