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    2020 Digital Marketing Trends

    Digital marketing has never been more critical than it is today. Changes in how to market your product online are…

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    What is Geofencing?

    One of the newest tools in marketing is the use of geofencing. Tulsa geofencing marketing company allows a business to…

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    SEO Evolution: How SEO has Evolved Over the Years?

    Search engine optimization is a term familiar with everyone who is trying to promote a website. The term itself is…

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    2019 Mid Year Review for Online Marketing Strategies

    Now that the mid-year point has been reached, it is time to review your online marketing strategies. You need to…

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    Building a Search Friendly Site

    You don’t need a website redesign because it will impress your friends or whoever else. You don’t need a website…

  • Freee Up Hiring a Freelancer

    Ep. 62 Hiring a Freelancer with Connor Gillivan of FreeeUp

    Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Connor Gillivan, FreeeUp, guest Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Personal blog: FreeeUp: Connor calendar: Connor email:…

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    Generating More Quality Home Improvement Leads

    The internet offers an efficient channel to market your home improvement services company. With widespread access to the internet, potential…

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    Google is now Requiring an SSL Certificate. Your Rankings May Be In trouble

    Website security has become a hot topic due to the publicity of repeated cyber attacks on many websites. With that…

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    Blaze into 2017 with a Content Marketing Push

      As you leave 2016 behind and head into 2017, now is the time to start working out your content…

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    Jumpstarting Your SEO With Adwords

      What if I told you that you could use paid traffic such as Google Adwords to assess whether any…