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SEO Content: An Ultimate Guide on Creating Content

Getting your website to rank higher in search engines is the desire of all website owners. There have been many trends in recent years that …

Google Analytics and Google Search Console Logo

Google Analytics vs. Google Search Console: What are the Difference?

One of the best ways to operate a successful website is to understand how your site is being used. Knowing who is visiting your site, …

Internet search

2020 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has never been more critical than it is today. Changes in how to market your product online are as different as the decade. …

Tulsa Geofencing Marketing Company

What is Geofencing?

One of the newest tools in marketing is the use of geofencing.Tulsa geofencing marketing company allows a business to target a specific location and “target” …

Future of SEO

SEO Evolution: How SEO has Evolved Over the Years?

Search engine optimization is a term familiar with everyone who is trying to promote a website. The term itself is used to describe techniques used …

marketing strategy CTM

2019 Mid Year Review for Online Marketing Strategies

Now that the mid-year point has been reached, it is time to review your online marketing strategies. You need to review for Online Marketing Strategies …

Tulsa Mobile Website Design

Building a Search Friendly Site

You don’t need a website redesign because it will impress your friends or whoever else. You don’t need a website redesign to look cool, or …

Freee Up Hiring a Freelancer

Ep. 62 Hiring a Freelancer with Connor Gillivan of FreeeUp

Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Connor Gillivan, FreeeUp, guest Connor Gillivan is currently a Founder and Owner of He was an Owner of …

A/B Testing - Two direction arrows

Google is now Requiring an SSL Certificate. Your Rankings May Be In trouble

Website security has become a hot topic due to the publicity of repeated cyber attacks on many websites. With that in mind, it’s not surprising …

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