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Continuing to Develop Movement (Part 2)

Before we touch a pencil in our creative process, we break out the questions. The process, discover and follow meaningful trails that open up. It’s …

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Developing Movement

At Create The Movement, we believe brand communication as a high calling. It’s certainly a broad topic, since your Tulsa brand is not simply a …

3 engagement tips to convert visitors into customers

3 Engagement Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Your digital marketing is bringing plenty of people to your website, but are you converting site traffic into leads? To convert visitors into customers you …


Ep. 36 Marketing with Jamie Stephens of Lift Division

Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Jamie Stephens, Chief of Digital Strategy for Lift Division, guest Brad Post, Create the Movement, host: Welcome back to …

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Ep. 33 Don’t Be A Tool

Brad Post, Create the Movement, host Josh Rich, Create the Movement, guest Marketing Tools For Small Businesses Brad Post, Create the Movement, host: Welcome back …

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3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Site

Linking is a big SEO builder and while we are work on the back end of our clients sites to build their linking campaign our clients …

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Ep. 23 Marketing In The Rural Market

Dana Frisbie, Create the Movement:   Local Website. All right. We’re going to talk about a local website. A website is an investment. When a …


Clutter Kills Conversions

Of all the ways to kill a website, clutter must have the highest kill count. Clutter is able to destroy a website so easily because …

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