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Create The Movement Logo
CTM final logo

At Create The Movement, we believe brand communication as a high calling. It’s certainly a broad topic, since your Tulsa brand is not simply a logo; it’s your story. We consider it a honor to be invited into the brand discovery process by our clients.

Logo design is a critical step in building a sustainable brand identity. Your logo is supposed to be a powerful tool to winning the battle for position in the minds of people. We want give you some of the behind-the-scenes at creating our own logo, to give some insight into our creative process.

Our identity creative process:

  • Discover the message
  • Discover metaphor
  • Refine metaphor
  • Adapt or create typeface

The starting point of logo design is discovery. Before we touch a keyboard, or even touch a pencil, we break out the questions.  When we first started the conversations about the right name of our company, we already had some names with serious SEO horsepower ready to deploy, but we just didn’t know if we had the one.

On April 4th, I shot a text message over to my original business partner:

“Hey man, Let me run this name by you.  Create The Movement Marketing. This feels right — on multiple levels. It carries the idea that sales are about moving people, that the message behind the marketing is all about persuading & moving people. To ride that train for a second, I love that the name is not just transactional business. It’s heralding a new era in business. Each lead, each hit, is a person. Success is not measured merely by conversion or ROI. These things come from cultivating relationship for something bigger than a transaction, whatever the industry. It’s about crafting a win for the long-term.The name also carries with it the unspoken sense of the epic — not merely business as usual — you are a part a movement. It’s something so much bigger than you.”

I know we had it: Our core; our DNA. We had the message.  There’s a ton of metaphors that could communicate “Movement,” almost too many. So, we did what we do. We asked the questions, scratched and dug, and came up with logo concepts.

Logo concepts: The center of a healthy galaxy is a dangerous place. Ridiculously violent on the biggest of scale. And yet it is the birthplace of the mightiest of stars. Stars 6 times the size of our sun are moving mind numbingly fast – 1/6 of the speed of light in tight arcs.

CTM Logo Concepts

The Original Create The Movement Logo

Here is how the rough look developed:

The Original Create The Movement Logo

Being in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we didn’t want to go the tornado route. Especially glad we didn’t, in light of what has happened in the past few years here. The evolution moved from a playful spring of movement, to something (after the fact) that resembles Jamba Juice. The final symbol of the galaxy is a very powerful image that we were pleased with.

If your company is looking for someone to help design your Tulsa Logo contact us today.

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