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CTM 2nd Logo

Before we touch a pencil in our creative process, we break out the questions. The process, discover and follow meaningful trails that open up. It’s a lot like archaeology, because we are sorting through a whole lot of information, looking for that common thread of meaning. This creative scribbling is a fun part. The challenge is to take the highly complex concept of a brand, distill it to it’s essence, and communicate it powerfully in a moment.

Does it need to be all that? Can’t a Tulsa Logo just be the name in a trendy font, coupled with some icon? Sure, we can slap something together and make it look pretty good. Maybe some companies can make a good enough solution work for them. We expect a brand to be a workhorse; the flagship in the marketing battle for the mind, which will earn back whatever the investment many times over.

Back to Create The Movement and our logo process: Dynamic, yet concrete.

We needed something really strong — to convey, well, movement. But at the same time, it needed to embody stability, order, and strength. This is the product that we sell. Our core offering is both the combination of creating findability – attention grabbing placement – and cultivating credibility for low-trust industries.  We had the base concept of vortex to communicate the power of movement. The scratching produced the rough sketches that carried the basic concept: the liquid swirl mark, combined with a thick, lowercase sans-serif font. We wanted the font to be unique with the angled horizontal line on the letter “e,” while remaining somewhat timeless and unpretentious.

On to scribblingCTM Logo Concepts

Then we started the scribbling process to how this thing would really work.

The color choice of blue and red just worked. The hot and cold converge to form the storm. The hot, red color represents attention grabbing marketing and placement. The cool blue represents established, stable, and credible business practices. Bring these two elements together, and you create a vacuum – a powerful vortex – drawing everything purposefully to the center. We have read that every healthy galaxy had a huge black hole at the center.  Some scientists say it actually is the cause of the galaxy’s formation: The engine of the galaxy. We like the adaptation for students of creating the movement like us.

Our Business has changed

What we mean is this: Business began with relationships. It became twisted as people placed more value on the transaction. Now, thankfully, the future success of any business has come back to quality of relationship.  We believe that business tools, be it website or any other media (social or otherwise), are only as valuable as the quality of your offering, service, and message. If you are interested in marketing, your message is everything. The questions of the day are, “What story are you telling, and why should anybody care?”

Once your company comes on the radar of the people you want to attract, credibility is critical, and it’s how we help. We aren’t in the pig lipstick business, but even quality companies struggle gaining trust in low-trust markets. It’s a long row to hoe, but isn’t it worth it? Our team at Create The Movement provides you with the know-how and tools to bring the right message, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Contact us today. 

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