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2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

Finding Your Voice

Once you clearly define your target audience you can get to work on your branding. The branding process involves a lot of different facets like …

Tulsa Branding

Does Your Law Firm Need A Facelift In 2019?

Not every brand ages gracefully.  Your logo is supposed to be your most powerful tool in communicating the value of your brand and building brand …

Creative Idea

The Creative Process: Finding The Idea

How we find the idea There are many books that have helped define our creative processes. In his groundbreaking book, “A Whole New Mind,” Daniel …

Tulsa Branding Team

What Is a Logo?

Your logo should be your company brand in seed form. But have you ever wondered really, what is a logo? For most people, a logo …

CTM 2nd Logo

Continuing to Develop Movement (Part 2)

Before we touch a pencil in our creative process, we break out the questions. The process, discover and follow meaningful trails that open up. It’s …

CTM final logo

Developing Movement

At Create The Movement, we believe brand communication as a high calling. It’s certainly a broad topic, since your Tulsa brand is not simply a …

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