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What Is a Logo?

Tulsa Branding Team

Your logo should be your company brand in seed form.

But have you ever wondered really, what is a logo? For most people, a logo is just a design associated with the name of a company or brand. Logo can be used also in creating flyers, business cards, and invitations.  Many times, it is so immersed in the brand that they are interchangeable. It can be cool, trendy, timeless, weak, crappy, boring, or generic. In our early days, we actually thought that designing a logo was the same as developing a brand.

That’s like saying what you wear is your personality. Your brand is everything from your company culture and ethics, to your product quality and return policy.

More than a pretty picture

Logo Image from Canva

The word logo comes from the ancient Greek word, “logos.” It is one of the words in that language for, “word.” But it packs a wallop. In this context, it means, “a core message.”

It’s a story contained in a single word. Actually one of the boasts of the Ancient Greeks was that they could say a sentence with a single word. Logos was their building block. (Consequently, the word, “lego” means to speak a word.)

Your logo could just be a pretty design. It’s been done by successful companies. But there is a better way.


In Jack Trout and Al Ries landmark book, Positioning, they put forth that marketing is a battle for the mind. If most companies are to win in their markets, their every effort should be infused with the purpose of distinguishing and differentiating your brand from all others.

A successful brand makes sense to people; it fits with who they are and who they want to be, or the product is merely a price-based commodity.  Your company logo is the forefront of your arsenal in winning the battle for the mind. It is your message contained in a single glance. A parable, simply told. You can also check different logo ideas from Canva.


It’s not difficult to explain a complex concept with a thousand words. It is hard to find the picture to say the same thing, better. It becomes art when you boil that picture to its core elements, and create something that can communicate effectively at 32 pixels or black and white, and is just as powerful on a 48-foot billboard.  Your logo can be your company brand in seed form.

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