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Continuing to Develop Movement (Part 2)

Before we touch a pencil in our creative process, we break out the questions. The process, discover and follow meaningful trails that open up. It’s ...
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Developing Movement

At Create The Movement, we believe brand communication as a high calling. It’s certainly a broad topic, since your Tulsa brand is not simply a ...
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Ep. 50 Create The Movement Year In Review

Ep. 50 CTM in Review with Dominick Montgomery and Brad Post Brad Post, Create the Movement Dominick Montgomery, Create the Movement Brad Post, Create the ...
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Getting Fired and a $10K Paycut Was Awesome

Last September I walked into the office on a Monday and at 9:00 I got called into a meeting I didn’t know about. This meeting ...

Why Company Culture Matters

The term “company culture” gets thrown around like small children in a bouncy house. But despite overuse, this 21st-century buzzword carries a lot of weight. ...

Ep. 18 Interview With Jim Stovall

Interview With Jim Stovall Quick Links: Jim Stovall The Ultimate Legacy The Ultimate Gift One Season of Hope Brad Post, Create the Movement Dominick Montgomery, ...
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Require Transparency

What’s the difference between a retail storefront and the outside of a bank? Retail storefronts are made of glass, and all their best wares are ...
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Be the Idea You Want to Express

What is the difference between a runner and a guy who runs? Between a wrestler and a guy who wrestles? Between a dancer and a ...
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Forgive Those Who Offend You

In normal business, it’s kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Get yours or get taken. Offending others is par for the course. After ...
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Put Employees First

What do your employees want? Most of you will say, “More money,” and you’re probably right. But is that the only thing they want? When ...

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