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Require Transparency

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What’s the difference between a retail storefront and the outside of a bank? Retail storefronts are made of glass, and all their best wares are right there at eye-level. The outside of a bank is made of brick or stone or marble. It’s okay for banks to do that; they need to project security. (Can you imagine a bank putting stacks of Benjamins or gold coins or the contents of your safety deposit box in the window?)

If you want to create a movement, you must be trustworthy. That means letting people see your best wares up front and see into the store from first glance. Every business has trade secrets and profit margins to protect, and it is okay for them to be “in the bank”, but the rule of thumb should be transparency whenever possible. Err on the side of transparency. Teach it to your employees and practice it yourself.

If you make transparency one of your core values, people will trust you and like you. People do business with people they like and trust. There is no way not to create a movement if you develop a legion of people who like and trust you.

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