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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing 6 – It’s All About Me!


This one almost speaks for itself. You probably can see where we’re going, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid going there. Large firms, don’t think that this is only for the solo guys. We could just as easily have said, “It’s all about us.”

Take a look at the images and words in your marketing material. Whose pictures are they? Who are the words about? If you show and talk about yourself more than your clients, you’re going to be like the blowhard at the party whom no one wants to invite. Who likes that guy? Him and his mom. And mom is glad he moved out when he got his degree.

Take a look at every ad, brochure, and page of your website to see how you can restate things to put the focus on your clients. If you don’t have photos of clients, there is plenty of stock photography you can use to bring in everyday faces to your marketing images.

If that’s not your forte or you simply don’t have time to do it, call us. You have your experts, we have ours. We’ll get someone to do an analysis of your marketing materials and suggest improvements to put the focus where it belongs: on your clients.

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