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Managing to squeeze a 4-year degree into 14 years was not easy. Due to having kids at a young age and starting my career kept me busy and away from completing my bachelors until years later. However I have continually fed my mind.

When I was 21, my wife and I got a hold of some Tony Robbins cassette tapes. One was “Get the Edge” and the other was “Personal Power.” My wife and I both started listening to them daily to complete them in a 30-day period. We have continued to listen to those CD’s even as recently as a few months ago. We learned how to set goals, schedule our time, stay positive and much more. One of the major things it did give me was a drive to make our life better.

So rather than digging into education, I dove straight into a career where I spend my off time studying policies and procedures manuals, business development manuals and reading books that pertained to my career. I even remember reading a “Managers Playbook” which was an internal training book for Managers at my corporate job.  I would read it at breakfast and dinner over and over for a year, until I knew it well.

Another thing I learned was to continually feed your mind. Garron, my business partner listens to 2-3 books a week on Audible. Jim Stovall told me that he listens to one book a day 365 days a year. Zig Ziglar said that in order to write his books one of his goals was to just write 1 page a day. My goal is to read at least 2-3 books a month, listen to 1 book a week on audible and soon start writing my own book.

Whether it be in school, college, workplace or daily life I wanted to encourage you to feed your mind. Tony Robbins always said live in CANI. Constant and never ending improvement.

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