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Take Back the Moral High Ground!

“Ambulance chaser”

Ask most adults who these words describe, and what will they say? Lawyers. Not even the more respectful term “attorney”. You worked hard to get through law school and pass the bar exam, one of the most rigorous tests to take. You do research for every case, and your reputation is on the line with every deposition you take, brief you file, and argument before the court. Even when you win, you run the risk of opposing counsel dragging every detail through the mud on appeal.

Certainly, the actions and attitudes of a few have created an unflattering image of juries doctors in the eyes of the public, but how did the entire profession get painted by this broad brush? More importantly, what are you doing with your advertising and marketing to feed this false image?

The point of being an attorney is to secure justice for your client. The principles upon which your profession is built are among the highest ideals in human history: Equal justice for all under the law, innocent until proven guilty, making the injured whole and compensating them when they can’t be. Our entire society is built upon values such as these, and you work to uphold them every day!

Take back the moral high ground. Let the public know that you are defending the very things that make America great!

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