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Ep. 40 ROI Link Building Strategy for Attorneys

Link building strategies


KEY: ($) = client’s website, (1,2,3) = backlink websites

The way that digital marketers generally sell linking campaigns is to find websites (1,2,3,…) with a high domain authority that will link to their website ($). This is known as backlinking. If the digital marketer can reach out to these high domain authority websites (1,2,3) and get a link back to their website ($), then, hopefully, ($) will rank higher.

The problem, however, with this scenario is that it is flawed because there are a lot of other ranking factors besides linking.

Other ranking factors to consider, other than links, are the ($) website’s:

  • domain
  • age
  • content
  • paid ads
  • traffic
  • etc

So, this linking strategy, that everyone else does, is essentially broken.

But here is how CTM differentiates itself – we focus on ROI. And here’s how: we utilize the same basic strategy, but focus on the client’s analytics.

  1. Start with Analytics – We start with the same basic strategy as detailed above, but we acquire the analytics for the client’s website ($).  If the client doesn’t have analytics, or their company isn’t providing them with analytics, we then ask to see one of the client’s analytics reports.
  2. Origin of Traffic to Website – If the analytics report doesn’t detail where the traffic originates from – that’s a problem. We need to know where that traffic comes from, not just the number of website hits.
  3. Conversions – Once we know where the traffic is coming from, how many of those visitors converted?  If the client doesn’t know how many people converted, essentially they don’t know what they are paying for. That’s a problem.

CTM then looks at the client’s backlink websites (1,2,3). For example, assume that backlink website1 brought you 1000 people in traffic, 2 brought you 500, and 3 brought you 500. We then track how many of these visitors from (1,2,3) converted.

Let’s say that the client has the following three features on your website: a Contact Us’ form, a tracking phone number, and a traffic counter. The client must determine the worth of their ‘Contact Us” form to them. Let’s say it’s worth $100. We know that out of the 1000 visitors from 1, 100 converted. So, that brought $10000.

How much is a phone call worth to the client? Due to the high-closing rate of attorneys, let’s say the trackable phone call function is worth $5000. Out of the 500 visitors from 2, we know that 10 people converted, which equals $50000. So, now we’re at $60000.

Let’s say that the client pays $1 per visit to their website. So, $500 in value from backlink website 3. Which brings us to $60500.

CTM’s linking campaign is this. We are able to quantify the ROI value provided by the three backlink sites. We go in search of backlink sites similar to 1,2 and 3. If backlink site 1 was a paid directory, we now know that legal directories help the client’s website, and will conduct searches to locate more high-performing backlinking websites like FindLaw.

In conclusion, our analytics-based approach to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of specific backlinking  websites, and duplicating the successes of the most fruitful ones, is superior to the competitor’s out-dated approach of merely seeking potential backlinking websites with high domain authority.

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