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Making the Most of Your Blog Posts

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While it’s important to deliver quality, informative content in your blog posts, it’s also important to utilize each one as an opportunity to engage with potential customers.
After you’ve established credibility in the body of the content, engagement is often accomplished in the closing line or paragraph, commonly referred to as a call to action.
Here are some ways you can utilize this technique successfully:
1. End with an enticing statement or question that encourages dialogue in the comments.
2. Include links for readers to follow your social media accounts or subscribe to your newsletter for more information.
3. Provide a link to a page on your site with related services or information. We emphasize related because, If the connection to this web page isn’t obvious, it can give off a used-car-salesman vibe.
4. Show readers how they can contact you (with links, if applicable) if interested in more information.
5. Host a giveaway. Giveaways — no matter how big or small — are perhaps the number one incentive for people to continue visiting your website or social media accounts. It’s also a great way to show customer appreciation and to transform individuals who will try what you offer for free once (and feel inclined by this generosity to spread the word) into loyal paying customers.
On that note, if you’d like to discuss expanding your reach to potential clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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