My One Year Serving With 1 Million Cups Tulsa

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For the past year, I along with some other amazing people helped bring 1 Million Cups to Tulsa.   During my time volunteering, we met every Wednesday at 9 am at Foolish Things Coffee.  Weekly we had two start-up businesses present their start-up to the community.  They had 6 minutes to present and had 20 minutes of questions and answers.  Overall it was extremely exciting to see this powerful entrepreneurial movement get started in Tulsa in which I was an honor to be a small part of.

The Kaufman Foundation out of Kansas City was a huge part of the overall engagement in bringing this to Tulsa.  They had us come up several times to meet with other 1 Million Cups co-organizers from around the United States.  It was a powerful and amazing experience to work with The Kaufman Foundation. They are an amazing group of people to volunteer for.  I met so many amazing people not only in Kansas City but also with the many companies that presented their start-up to Tulsa.

My favorite part of working with 1 Million Cups was the awesome group of organizers we had here in Tulsa.  Owners of Foolish Things coffee Justin and Katie Carpenter were a huge part of helping bring it to Tulsa and are amazing hosts of the event.  Tim Bickers of Emerging Ideas not only is a rockstar in bringing this together but also became a close friend.  Dustin Curzon with Narrable one of our first presenters was a huge advocate in helping and brings so many skills to the team, it was an honor to work with him.  Barron Ryan of Keyboard Confidential is such an amazing leader, I was so humbled to be able to work alongside him as well.  Benjamin Perrault who ended up taking my place as a co-organizer is such a great fit to the overall group and will be able to do some amazing things, I look forward to staying connected with him.

I highly recommend being a part of 1 Million Cups if you have one in your local city, it was an amazing year.

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