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The World of SEO

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Le Introduction
Never heard of SEO? Yea, me neither until about a week ago. SEO is like the matrix: its existence is as intense and as complicated as it sounds, but only the enlightened ones are aware of its presence and influence in our lives. So I’m here to expose you to the wonderful world of SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has everything to do with the visibility of your business. It ultimately determines how well search engines and potential clients can find your website. SEO is the process of improving a website to make it stand out to the search engines.

How to play the game

The world of SEO is kind of like a big game of mancala: you try put your marbles in all the right pockets in hopes that at the end of the game you would have made enough of the right moves in order to win the game. In Search Engine Optimization the marbles are keywords, links, relevance, and authority. These four things comprise the criteria in which search engines will evaluate how great your website is.

  • Keywords– words that are on your site and in your title that the search engines use to decide what type of content you have. You want to use certain words frequently.
  • Links– references of your site redirecting people back to you. These links cannot be random, but need to have some type of relevance to your product/service. Links are like recommendation letters, so where they come from matters.
  • Relevance– a compilation of the keywords, links, and content of your site. The search engines use all of these to determine how well your site matches what people are searching.
  • Authority– the authority of your site reflects the strength of your website. It involves how much site traffic there is and how many quality links you have.

These are the basic things to be conscious about when evaluating your website.

Content written by our Marketing Intern Danielle Forney

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