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How to do Facebook Ads Right

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Running ads on Facebook is one of our favorite ways to grow brand awareness, drive traffic to the site, and get conversions. If these campaigns are done right they can be highly effective, even on a small budget.

Creating an ad on Facebook isn’t too tricky, but there’s a few pro tips we’ve learned over the years that we’d love to share.

A picture is worth 1,000 clicks

Study after study has found that ads with pictures have a way higher click through rates, and our personal experience has confirmed this. But, you can’t just use any picture, in fact, there’s a bit of science to this. Here’s a few picture tricks you can use.

  • Pets and kids are always a safe bet
  • Since Facebook’s color scheme is white and blue, use contrasting color to avoid blending in
  • Use photos that capture natural emotion and don’t look staged
  • Find photos that wouldn’t normally pop up in the viewer’s newsfeed

Netflix recently did a study on which thumbnail pictures lead to most views. It’s not exactly the same principle as Facebook ads, but there’s definitely a correlation and it’s worth a read.

Crystal Clear

Before you write one word of the ad, figure out what the call to action will be. The copy, the picture, and the selected audience should all revolve around the call to action. Let the call to action set the tone of the entire ad.

Facebook makes this super easy to screen your call to action by allowing you to make a call to action buttons.

Once you’ve decided what the call to action needs to be, you can start crafting the copy. Keep it short and to the point. This is not the time to write a novel.

Free Never Hurts

Giving away a free trial, report, or subscription will always lead to clicks. A free offering is one of the best ways to get leads in the sales funnel and start turning them into conversions.

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