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ROI on Social Media

Tulsa Branding Team

Social Media Marketing for a business is best described as indirect marketing for brand awareness.  So in the similar way investing in a Billboard or flyers in the mail for a Company – you’re creating an intentional image and opinion of your business.  However, the major factor that sets SMM apart is that it is trackable – you can actually see it’s performance having success through your posts, reviews, engagements, conversions and overall analytics.  A new customer may not remember that it was your flyer that made such an impression on them, but if they comment or ‘like’ a FB post, you know you’ve created the positive opinion you were looking for.

Something that’s important to remember is that while we’ll be creating and writing the unique posts and tracking the progress, your marketing assistants and the clients relationships will be all be involved in sharing, liking, following other similar businesses online and so on.

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