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Google Adwords Price Extensions Have Come To Mobile

For digital marketing experts and online businesses, Google AdWords is one of the best sources of targeted traffic. Controlling the majority of the search market, Google has large audiences from a range of backgrounds, and the team understands the importance of providing advertisers with the tools that they need to reach their goals. To keep up with the demand, Google has recently released AdWords price extensions.

The feature allows marketers to list the prices of several products in one ad, and doing so comes with a variety of benefits. For example, the ads take up more space on the screen than the alternatives, improving your odds of getting the attention of your prospects. Until now, the biggest drawback was that the feature was not available for mobile devices.

Why Mobile Matters

As technology continues to improve, the price of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is decreasing. When you consider that most people live busy lives, seeing why more individuals than ever are surfing the internet with mobile technology is easy. So any platform that does not work well on mobile phones will lose at least 50 percent of their audience. When Google opted to allow marketers to display AdWords price extensions on smartphones and tablets, it makes it clear that business owners can expand their advertising capabilities with ease.

Additional Considerations

Not only does using Google AdWords empower you to display ads to mobile devices, but it also allows you to use a separate link for smartphone users. If your main website is not mobile-friendly, you can send mobile users to a different page that will work well for them. Also, because this feature is new, you will be able to enjoy the benefits without facing an overwhelming amount of competition if you act quickly. As far as the marketing world is concerned, being one of the first people to jump onboard with any trend will allow you to enjoy the best possible results. Because the AdWords price extensions option has a lot of potential, it won’t take long for other companies to utilize it, causing saturation.

Final Thoughts

Showing your prices on Google’s ad network helps you, but it also helps the shoppers who want to check out different products and to compare their prices. Now that you can show your rates to mobile devices, you can reach more people than ever before. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity, but waiting too long can cause you to miss your window of opportunity.

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