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SEO Done Differently


Since Google is the new Yellowpages, being in that first spot is more valuable to your business than a deflated football is to Tom Brady. Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the core of everything we do. If it’s going to help the client’s optimization, we don’t do it.

The way we do SEO is a bit different than the way other companies do SEO. We make sure to let our clients know exactly what we’re doing for them. No priority information, no smoke, and mirrors. Seems crazy right? It’s like they’re paying us or something.

We make sure to follow all of Google’s best practice so make sure we’re appeasing the SEO gods. Our goal isn’t just to give our clients a quick boost, we want to ensure long term, sustainable growth.

To do this we first make sure your website is built the way it should be and then capitalize on prime link building opportunities. If you need a swift rise to the top, we can use pay per click ads to cut in line and put your website at the top of the page from day one. To make sure your SEO campaign is humming like hemi we give you monthly reports with unbiased analytics.

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