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May 2020 Core Google Algorithm Update


Google has announced that it just released its latest core algorithm update on the evening of May 4th. The new algorithm, blandly called the May 2020 update, began crawling through the Internet on Monday afternoon. Google anticipates that the update will be complete around May 20th.

Google sends out a new core algorithm several times a year. This helps the search engine keep up to date with new sites on the Internet and helps the search engine stay optimized.


What Should You Expect?


If you are an avid Google Analytics data user, you can expect to see your data change over the next several days. Keywords that normal draw visits may not be active. Older content may rank differently than it did last week, and your ranking in the search engine may change.

Google states that this is normal after every core algorithm update and that the site owners should not panic. But panic, you will. Losing first page results on Google can send anyone into a panic. But what can you do?


Suggestions By Google


Before you start implementing changes to your website, you should monitor your stats for at least three weeks. This is sufficient time for the web crawlers to have made all necessary changes from the update, and you should begin to see real-time data in your Google Console and Analytics data.

Once you start to get the real data, you can start evaluating which keywords have increased in rankings and which have tanked. Look at your content on your sites to adjust keywords and overall content quality

Google reviews website content in a way that judges visitor experiences. Sites that provide the best visitor experience will have the highest ranking. It is just that simple. So, if your site has a low ranking, it is because Google feels that your visitors are not getting enough from your site.

Make sure that your pages are tagged correctly. Look over any video or pictures to make sure that they are loading quickly. Check links that you have posted to make sure they are not broken. Fixing all of these small problems is the best way for you to give your visitors a better experience when on your site.

Take some time to review your competitors’ sites as well. Are they offering a better experience, and if so, how? Even small changes to your site that increase authority and user experience can cause your rankings to go much higher.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to make sure you wait at least three weeks before you start making changes. The Internet is very large, and the web crawlers need time to work. You may rank high one day and low the next, only to rank even higher three days later. One the update has been completed, you ‘ll start to get the accurate data you need to improve site ranking and performance.


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