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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: How does it Work?

Digital Marekting components along with analytics

Pay per click advertising or PPC advertising is a method of online marketing that generally targets search engine results. However, some social media sites also offer PPC marketing to have ads placed in media feeds. At this time, the focus will be on search engine advertising.

Google is the most popular search engine and has a very aggressive PPC marketing plan. Google will feature PPC ads at the top of the search page and in the search results’ right-hand column. This is the fastest way to get to the top of the search page without help from our SEO experts in Tulsa. If someone clicks on one of those ads, the business is charged for that lead. PPC ads can show thousands of times a day, but the only charge occurs when the link is used.

Creating a Pay Per Click Campaign


The easiest way to create a PPC campaign is through Google Ads. Google Ads can help you set a budget, select the right keywords to target, and manage all of your data right from the same dashboard. This is the most popular way to create and manage PPC campaigns.


Establishing Keywords


Keywords are the words that will most likely draw someone to your site. For example, a company that sells flowers will want to use more than just the words “flowers” or “bouquet of flowers.” Depending on what they sell, this company may want to use keywords like “wholesale flower supplier,” or “Wedding flowers” to drive a specific type of customer to their site.

To determine which keywords would be best suited for your site and to achieve the most clicks for your campaign, you should consider using a program like Wordstream. This program connects directly to your Google Ads and Bing marketing programs and helps you find the best keywords for your investment. Additionally, this program also shows you the worst keywords to use.

Why should you be concerned about bad keywords? Not only do these keywords underperform, but they also can impact your marketing budget. If someone clicks on these poor performing keywords, you still have to pay for the click. A keyword is considered poor-performing if it is least likely to be used as a search term or if the use of this word normally does not generate sales.

Keywords are all valued differently in the marketing world. You want to use keywords that will make a person curious enough to visit your site and make a purchase or use your service. Using a program that helps you distinguish these keywords for your website will make your investment into PPC marketing worth your time.


Defining Your Advertising Campaign


You can customize your advertising campaign in a variety of ways. Advertising types is not limited to any specific style. You can create a PPC campaign in one or all of the following ways:

• Text ad in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – most popular
• Image ads – usually placed on websites that compliment the product/service
• Video ads – placed similarly to Image ads

You can then customize your advertisements even further by selecting:

• If you want the ads to target desktops, tablets or mobile devices or a combination
• If you want to have the ads focus on a target location (zip code) or specific area radius of the business location, or just an open-ended location

The final thing that you will need to do is set your daily budget. PPC keywords have different values. It is important to set a daily budget so that if one of your keywords is high that day, you do not go over your limit. Keyword values change daily.

When you have all of your customizations completed, it is time to launch your advertising campaign.


It’s All About The Traffic


Now that your marketing campaign has launched, it will be time to monitor the statistics. You will need at least sevens days’ worth of statistics before you can really begin to determine how your ad campaign is working.

Every bit of the information that you gather will allow you to build a better advertising campaign. Some of the information you will discover:

• Demographics of who is looking at your ad. This can help you discover your real target audience.
• Times of day that you receive the most views. This information can be used to help target advertising more effectively.
• What keywords work and which ones do not. This will be helpful for your next advertising campaign so that you can invest more inactive keywords.
• Click-thru rate compared to sales. This will help you fine-tune your campaign to attract more buyers.

The stats on your advertising campaign will provide you with the insight you need to create better campaigns in the future.

Every PPC Campaign Is A Learning Experience


One of the most beneficial parts of a PPC campaign is the information you learn about your customers and how they view your products.

Many business owners are amazed to discover that many times their target market is not what they expected. Some businesses learn that a product they may not have thought to be their top seller is actually the one everyone is searching for online.

You can use the information you receive from your pay per click campaign to change your product line, develop or introduce new products, or offer more complementary products to the product or service lines that receive the most attention.

Every PPC campaign gives you real-world insight into your business, as seen from the consumer. Look at what they are looking at or searching for to reach your site, and then take that information to build a stronger business.

PPC marketing is one of the best forms of Internet marketing because it places advertising right where the search is being conducted. People do not have to come across your advertisement “by chance.” Your text ad will be located right at the top of the search page or in the SERP’s right-hand column.

As you continue to build your PPC marketing strategy, you will see a noticeable amount of traffic to your site. To ensure that converting visits to sales, make sure that your site has good content to offer, and is easy to use. Having a user-friendly site will help enhance the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

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