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Ways to use Facebook for Marketing


Facebook has become the leading place for people to go to find out information about a company, product, or service. Recent statistics show that there are over 1 billion daily users of Facebook and that over 20 percent of the total population uses Facebook as if it was the only source of information on the Internet.


These statistics scream one thing for businesses: If you are not reaching out to Facebook users, you are losing out on sales.


Marketing your business, product, or service on Facebook is not as difficult as you may think. You can take a few simple steps that will help you build a solid Facebook presence with little or no expense.


Marketing Your Business On Facebook


It all starts with establishing a Business Page. To do this, you must sign in to your normal Facebook account and then select start a page for Business/Brand/Community/Public Figure. Don’t worry; no information from your private page will be integrated into the business page.


Next, go through the entire setup process and make your page look great. Use vivid pictures that will catch the attention of your potential consumers. Set your feed information and select a Call To Action Button to place near the top of your page (Contact Us) so that visitors will know where to make contact.


Now it is time to start setting up your marketing strategy.


1- Decide on your content. You should always follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to posting on your Facebook feed for your clients. This means that you make 80 percent of your posts about helpful things – tips, hacks, upcoming sales, new product announcements, inspirational quote of the day, favorite recipe, things of this nature, and 20 percent hard-selling your business, product, or service.


Why market this way? Because you want the people to enjoy visiting your page, You want them to see something that they want to share with others. You want to give your online presence that human touch. People crave that friendly interaction that they used to get in face-to-face selling situations but also desire the shop at your leisure benefits of the Internet.


By giving your visitors something to think about, talk about, share, or try in a majority of your posts, you are giving them the human connection they want. This will build a relationship with you and your clients and keep them coming back.


2- Use various types of posts. You can use text posts and posts with links for some of your posts, but don’t forget the visual posts. Posts with pictures or videos attached get more of a response and are shared among other Facebook users at a rate of 40 percent more often than text posts.


3- Discover your Facebook demographics. Follow the data that your page generates to see who is visiting your page. This can give you significant information on how to direct your posts. You may not be reaching the right demographics that you intended with the types of posts you are creating. Additionally, you may be getting visits from a set of demographics that you did not expect to use or need your product.


All of this information can help you fine-tune your posts so that you reach your targeted consumer. Marketing on Facebook is more than just getting “likes” on a post; it is about reaching the right people so that your business can thrive.


4- Promote your page so that it can start getting noticed. The easiest way to do this is to get family and friends to visit the site first and start sharing posts. Next, you should encourage your current clients to “Follow You on Facebook” for special deals and information. Make sure to add your page information to your email signature page, to your contact information, and even put it on your paper advertising and business cards.


5- Interact with your visitors. If someone leaves a comment, asks a question, or just wants to interact, make sure that you respond in a timely manner. People like to feel that their concerns are valid and that a business cares what they think. Do not miss a chance to get a loyal customer just for saying, “Thank You for the nice review of our post.” This can go a long way for promoting your business.


6- Take advantage of Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups is a part of Facebook where like-minded people gather to share information, stories and help each other out. Joining groups that are related to your product or service and giving advice or interacting without selling your product or service is a great way to build trust with your potential client base.


When you interact in these groups in a manner that benefits the group and not your business, such as posting a “quick fix” for a common problem makes you look like you are concerned about your clients. This will generate a lot more interest in your business as people from the group start visiting your page and passing on the information.


7- Promoted posts. You have created the perfect post. It has the right graphics, the right message, and is sure to convert viewers into clients. To get the most from this perfect post, you may want to consider paying to promote your post through Facebook Ads.


For a fee, Facebook will send your post out to the number of people you have requested. This often generates a high response rate because you have targeted the people who will receive the post. It is very effective for increasing the number of new visitors to your site.


This Is A Good Place To Start


Facebook marketing can get quite complex as you start to progress more and more into marketing your company. You can use site tools, different marketing options, and all the analytics that go with marketing. However, if you are just beginning, this guide is the perfect way to get you started marketing on Facebook.


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