The Start

The Start of the Movement.

Back in February of 2013 in a coffee shop in Oklahoma City, I overheard two guys speaking about social media and how to increase their presence. I grabbed my coffee and sat a table killing time until my next appointment. One of the guys left as the other walked by me. It was perfect timing for me to say something to him. It was going to be just a quick conversation but the more we spoke the more we discussed how Internet marketing has changed so much and there is a brand new way of doing it.

We connected through social media, traded business cards and contact info and connected a week later. Within two weeks we started the initial discussions of a new marketing company. Changes were happening at his employer as with mine. The dynamic simple meeting in a coffee shop turned out to become a company with big visions, missions, and passion for what we could create together. The partnership was formed and has been growing ever since that initial meeting.

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