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Creativity vs. Innovation

Creativity vs. Innovation

There is a difference between innovation and creativity.  Innovation is often thought of as creativity. But the difference is huge. It’s the difference between thinking about doing, and actually doing something.

“Creativity thinks up new things. Innovation does new things.”  Theodore Levitt

Think of innovation as the process of:

  • Identifying problems, needs, or opportunities
  • Generating ideas to address selected problems, needs, or opportunities
  • Moving the best ideas to completion
  • Generating value from those ideas

While the sequence or steps may differ, innovation always involves the generation of an idea and the shepherding of that idea into successful usage.  Check out our blog on The power of an idea.

Creativity is the ability to make connections that result in ideas. It is a skill exercised throughout the process of innovation. We often think of using creativity to build a new product or idea or to invent a new technology, but creativity is core to every stage of the innovation process. It’s only is found in learning (or re-learning) to see with the eyes of a child—assuming nothing.

Creativity is used in finding useful patterns in statistical data. Creativity is how to approach to user interaction; to find that right question to unlock hidden gems. Creativity is how to overcome barriers in production, it’s how you improve margins, streamline the process, and it holds the keys to the wisdom to create a movement around your product.

Creativity is a skill, and innovation is a process. That’s how they differ. The skill of creativity is applied throughout the process of innovation—in many different ways—to improve the likelihood of success. That’s how they interact.

At the Movement, we want to be on the edge of innovation. We approach life creatively—every client, every project—alert for every opportunity to innovate.

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